Kryolan Aquacolor Foundation


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Kryolan Aquacolor Foundations (#1102). Glycerin-based, moist cake colors with excellent covering characteristics. Easily applied with a moist sponge rung dry. One  ounce size. Purchase Item.

Color samples:

 01-W Old Female

 02-W Child or Teen

 03-W Old Male

 04-W Female

 05-W Dark Female

 06-W Sallow Male

 07-W Dark Male

 08-W Light Sun Tan

 09-W Dark Sun Tan

 10-W Negro Brown

 11-W Darker Negro

 12-W Asian Brown

 F-1 Light Creme

 F-2 Middle Aged Female

 F-3 Dark Female

 F-8 Villain

 F-16 Male Base

 F-17 Dark Male

 N-5 Middle Aged Male

 N-7 Young Male

 N-9 Ruddy Youth

 033 Female Fair

 034 Female Brunette

 039 Dark Egyptian

 070 White

 071 Black

 079 Bright Red

 509 True Yellow

 510 True Blue

 512 Green

 OA Old Age


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