Kryolan Aquacolor Liners


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Kryolan Liners (#1101). Glycerin-based, moist cake colors with excellent covering characteristics. Easily applied with a moist sponge rung dry. .45 ounce size. Purchase Item.

Color samples:

 000 Bone

 039 Character shadow

 046 Red-brown

 050 Light chocolate brown

 070 White

 071 Black

 079 Bright red

 288 Orange

 509 True yellow

 510 True blue

 511 Lime

 512 Green

 549 Muted blue

 099 Purple

 R21 Medium rose

 V11 Leading man

 OA Old age

 1W (highlight)

 406 Creme highlight

 101 Dark brown

 V19 Rich sable

 V23 (contour shadow)


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