Nye MagiColor™ Creme Pencils


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Ben Nye MagiColor™ Creme Pencils (MC). These pencil have a texture that is creamy without being too soft. Resplendent color selection for clowning, face painting, animal and fantasy. 0.04 ounce size. Approximately 30-75 applications per pencil. Purchase Item.

Color samples:

 1 Black

 2 Fire red

 3 Ruby red

 4 White

 5 Blue

 6 Green

 7 Yellow

 8 Violet

 9 Magenta

 10 Sea green*

 11 Bright orange

 12 Hot pink

 13 Grey*

 14 Warm brown

 15 Character shadow

 16 Ultralite*

 17 Teal*

 18 Misty violet

 19 Cosmic blue

 20 Turquoise

 21 Marigold

 22 Lime green

 23 Kelly green

[*] Ben Nye has discontinued this particular item but we still have some remaining.


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