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Sample Photos from Show Collection

Phantom of the Opera

These rental costumes have either been designed for specific characters or pulled from general stock for those characters. Some of these may be available in duplicate. We cannot guarantee that these specific costumes will fit your particular performers.

As time permits, more photographs may be added but in the meantime we cannot provide additional photographs.

These costumes are available only to legitimate theatrical organizations mounting a production of this show.

To request a Show Order Form for this show, click here.

Carlotta I-1
as Elissa Queen of Carthage
Carlotta I-8
Carlotta I-9
as Countess
Carlotta II-1(C)
Carlotta II-3
Carlotta II-7
Christine & Ballet Girls I-1
Christine I-3
Christine I-9
as Page Boy
Christine I-9
as Page Boy
as Maid
Christine II-1(A)
Christine II-1(B)
Christine II-3
Christine II-7
as Aminta
Christine II-7
(with cloak)
Meg & Ballet Girls I-2
Meg II-7
Meg II-7
(three-piece ensemble)
Piangi I-1
as Hannibal
Piangi II-1(B)
Piangi II-7
as Don Juan
Piangi II-7
as Don Juan
(with cape)
Raoul II-1(B)
Women of Carthage I-1
Army of Carthage I-1
Wax Mannequin I-5
Ballet Dancers I-9

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