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Special deals for our customers on the months of May and June!

Looking to put together a show for the summer? Let Broadway Costumes help you with some incredible deals on cast wardrobes!

For these next two months, we have open capacity to fulfill your show. We will waive rush fees if you book now. We will also honor the 10% discount when booking 50 or more unique ensembles without having to meet the six week time commitment!

For over a century, Broadway Costumes has provided theatre companies, television and movie productions, and schools at every level quality costumes for their entire casts.

Give your performers and crew the chance to shine this summer with our costumes. Talk to our stylists to get your show booked today!

Please be aware that this offer cannot be combined with any other rental discounts. We are excited to be part of your production, and we hope this special promotion adds to the magic of your show.

To request a Show Order Form, click here.

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