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2023-24 Shows: We are accepting costume show requests here

We are the Midwest’s largest source for theatrical shows for high schools, colleges and local theater companies- to national tours, TV and Film, corporate special events, and masquerade galas. We also sell makeup, facial hair, wigs and accessories for purchase.

With over a three hundred thousand costumes in stock, we have everything you need for your theater production. Our professional costumers stylists have many years of experience costuming for theatre and their attention to detail is paramount.  Know that when you rent our costumes, they will look beautiful, and will be delivered expertly altered, clean and pressed.

We have a large library of costume plots, each show is built around a costume plot and contains descriptive wardrobe information for each character and chorus by act and scene.

As part of your rental price, we provide professionally altered costumes to many sizes plus post show cleaning.

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Broadway Costumes™, Inc was established in Chicago in 1886 to provide quality rental costumes for the masquerade balls held by Chicago society as well as to provide costumes for, and help develop, opera productions in the United States. We are proud to continue on the quality and creative services in our new location in Portage Park.