Rental Policies

Rental Policies

Payment and Security Deposit

Rentals can be paid with American Express, Discover/NOVUS, MasterCard and VISA credit cards. A security deposit is required on all rentals. There is a security deposit per costume of $250-$500 credit card pre-authorization. All animal costumes have a minimum security deposit of $300 credit card pre-authorization. The security deposit will be refunded upon the prompt return of the undamaged costume. The security deposit in no way reflects the actual value of the costume. Debit cards cannot be accepted.

Transaction Tax

The following rentals are subject to the City of Chicago Transaction Tax of 9%: Any rental placed in-store; any rental delivered within the city of Chicago; any rental picked up in-store; or any mail order from within the city of Chicago. For Illinois organizations wishing to be exempt from rental tax, please include a copy of either (a) your most recent sales tax exempt letter as issued by the Illinois Department of Revenue’s Legal Services Bureau showing your sales tax exempt number and its expiration date or (b) your most recent transaction tax exempt letter as issued by the City of Chicago showing your city account number and your DREV number.


50 or more complete costumes ordered at one time quality for a 10% discount if ordered with at least three 3 working weeks of lead time and accompanied by completed measurement forms. Later additions will not qualify a non-qualified order. Cancellations that reduce the number below 50 will nullify the discount.


C O D orders are not accepted.

Rental Period

The basic rental period is 2 nights. We do not charge for any days that Broadway Costumes™ is closed. Additional days rent at the rate of 20% per day. Special weekly rates are as follows:


Weekly Rate

Accumulated Cost

1 150% of Book rate 1.5 X Book rate
2 50% of Book rate 2.0 X Book rate
3 50% of Book rate 2.5 X Book rate
4 50% of Book rate 3.0 X Book rate
5 50% of Book rate 3.5 X Book rate


Courier and Shipping Services

We can arrange for delivery or pick up of your order locally by outside courier. We ship throughout the United States. Please note that shipments to Hawaii and Alaska cannot be sent by GROUND service. We do not ship rental orders internationally.
Shipping cost is determined by actual box size, weight of the costumes, destination and type of service plus a $10 handling box charge. If the order is not received two weeks prior to our ship out date, we reserve the right to use whatever method necessary to get the shipment to you by your required date.

Alterations and Cleaning

Alterations and cleaning are normally included in the rental price. However, alterations may take up to two weeks at peak seasons; faster service may require an additional service charge.

Alterations by Client

Acceptable alterations by client include the raising and lowering of sleeves and hems; properly stitched side seams to take in or let out garments; shoulder adjustments; moving snaps, hooks, or eyes; and, properly stitching the back seams of man’s trousers. Unacceptable alterations by client include cutting of any kind; dying, spray painting or gluing (including the use of sticky Velcro™); removing motifs, hand beading or any other ornamentation; and, removing or adding buttons, trims, ruffles, feathers or sleeves.

Care and Maintenance

Under no circumstances can smoking or eating be allowed while in costume since most permanent damage is a result of these activities. Should smoking or eating be required, Broadway Costumes™ must be informed prior to rental. Deodorants must be used; whereas, cologne, perfume or after-shave is forbidden since cleaning solvents cannot remove any of these. Women should be instructed in the proper use of trains. Any tears or rips in the hems of trains due to improper usage will constitute permanent damage. All costumes must be returned in their original state. Failure to comply will result in assessed fees (see Replacement Value).

Permanent Damage

Permanent damage will consist of any tears and rips in fabrics; burns; dying or spray painting; gluing; perspiration or other stains; or, all other unacceptable alterations outlined above.

Late Returns

Costumes not returned on the specified date are subject to a late fee of 20% of the basic rental rate per day late plus tax.

Replacement Value

The replacement value of costumes is based on current retail value. The rental rate may be only 1% to 2% of the actual value of non-replaceable or antique items. The paid rental amount is not applicable to the replacement value.


In the event an order is cancelled, a cancellation fee determined by the extent to which work on the order has progressed will be accessed. In no event shall this be less than 50% of the value of the order. If the order is ready at the time of cancellation, the charge is the full value of the order. Orders not claimed on the date scheduled are considered canceled.