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European Attire

Photographs of rental items are representative of that item. An item may be available in various sizes and colors yet a particular color may not be available in all sizes. Please call for quantity and size availability.

As time permits, more photographs may be added but in the meantime we cannot provide additional photographs.

Prices shown are for a 2-night rental. See our Rental Policies and How To Rent pages for more information.

Several countries can be represented by changing colors, accessories and styles (e.g., Hungary, France, Poland).

European Peasant Man
(Gypsy Man)

#E3010. Head kerchief; peasant shirt; vest; waist sash; knee breeches and hose or coordinated trousers. Rental Item. $64.50 each.

European Peasant Woman
(Gypsy Woman)

#E3020. Head kerchief, floral and/or ribboned headpiece; peasant blouse; lace up bodice, cinch or bright sash; decorated or brightly colored skirt; petticoat; half apron. Rental Item. $64.50 each.

#E3021. One-piece, elastic waist dress with off-the-shoulder bodice, colorful skirt and build-in sash or basque; head scarf; petticoat. Rental Item. $64.50 each.

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