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Spanish Attire

Photographs of rental items are representative of that item. An item may be available in various sizes and colors yet a particular color may not be available in all sizes. Please call for quantity and size availability.

As time permits, more photographs may be added but in the meantime we cannot provide additional photographs.

Prices shown are for a 2-night rental. See our Rental Policies and How To Rent pages for more information.


Bull Fighter (Toreador / Matador)

#E4820. In black and/or red. Decorated hat; shirt; jacket; coordinated breeches or bolero trousers; white tights or hose (with breeches); short cape; sash. $84.50 each.

e4821-400x600 #E4821. Decorated hat; red, dark green or blue jacket with gold trim; matching breeches; coordinated vest; white shirt and jabot; waist sash; hose or tights; thigh-length, half-circle, velvet cape with red lining; shoe buckles. Rental Item. $99.50 each.


#E4830. In black. Gaucho hat; mask; blouse sleeved shirt; waist sash; trousers; boot tops; hip-length cape. Rental Item. $62.50 each.

Related Items:

  • #F5100. Foil. Rental Item. $17.50 each.
  • #F5202. Riding boots instead of boot tops. Rental Item. $21.50 per pair.

Spanish Senorita

#E4814. Solid colored, tango-style dress with rows of ruffles and coordinated polka dots at sleeves and hem trimmed with gold bead and sequin floral appliqués; black lace shawl; mantilla or lace headpiece; lace gloves. Rental Item. $84.50 each.

#E4815. Black brocade, tango-style dress with rows of colorful satin ruffles at sleeves and skirt bottom and rose appliqué trim across bodice; black lace shawl; lace headpiece or mantilla; lace gloves. Rental Item. $84.50 each.

#E4816. Black stretch velvet gown with red and pink roses, and black lace ruffles at sleeves and skirt bottom; black lace shawl; lace headpiece or mantilla; lace gloves. Rental Item. $84.50 each.

Lady of Spain

#E4810. Black lace headdress; striking and vibrant satin gown with black lace trimmed décolletage, with short ruffled and lace trimmed sleeves, with a ruffled skirt trimmed with sequins and lace that falls into a Balenciaga train, with large red flowers accenting hip and shoulders, and with sequin appliqués on the bodice, waist and hips. Rental Item. $94.50 each.

Also see Spanish Military Attire.