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1910s Attire

Photographs of rental items are representative of that item. An item may be available in various sizes and colors yet a particular color may not be available in all sizes. Please call for quantity and size availability.

As time permits, more photographs may be added but in the meantime we cannot provide additional photographs.

Prices shown are for a 2-night rental. See our Rental Policies and How To Rent pages for more information.

1910s Woman Day Attire

h3040 1910s day woman #H3040. Small hat; dress or armistice blouse and hobble skirt; neck choker; gloves. Optional sash. Rental Item. $64.50 each.

1910s Woman Hobble Suit

h3045 woman hobble suit #H3045. Hat; designer original jacket; matching hobble skirt; blouse; gloves; handbag; brooch or cameo. Rental Item. $94.50 each.

1910s Woman Evening Gown

h3050 1910s woman evening version 1h3050 1910s woman evening version 2 #H3050. Headband with feather and/or jeweled trim; one- or two-piece designer evening gown with high waist and draped skirt; gloves; reticule; necklace or choker. Rental Item. $84.50 each.

1910s Woman Evening Wrap

h3055a 1910s dolman #H3055A. Turban or headpiece; dolman sleeved coat or wrap. Rental Item. $52.50 each.
 #H3055B. Velvet coat with small collar. Rental Item. $42.50 each.
h3055c 1910s woman wrap #H3055C. Faux fur and bead fringe trimmed, velvet dolman coat. Rental Item. $42.50 each.

1910s Girl Child

h3060 1910s girl child #H3060. Hair bow; dress. Optional sash. Rental Item.$54.50 each.

1910s Young Woman

h3065 1910s young woman #H3065. Hair bow; neck bow or cameo; calf- to ankle-length skirt and blouse, or jumper and blouse, or dress. Optional petticoat. Rental Item. $64.50 each.