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Medieval European
Crusaders and Knights

Photographs of rental items are representative of that item. An item may be available in various sizes and colors yet a particular color may not be available in all sizes. Please call for quantity and size availability.

As time permits, more photographs may be added but in the meantime we cannot provide additional photographs.

Prices shown are for a 2-night rental. See our Rental Policies and How To Rent pages for more information.


w0160a crusaderw0160a crudader without cape #W0160A. White hooded cape with red cross on the left side; white tunic with red cross on the chest; hooded cowl; chain mail tunic; long belt; tights; silver helmet. Rental Item. $120.50 each.
w0160b crusader #W0160B. Brown hooded cape; brown and tan, two-toned tunic; chain mail under-tunic or shirt; long belt; tights. Rental Item. $120.50 each.
w0160c crusader #W0160C. Blue hooded cape; blue tunic with gold and white embroidered crest; chain mail under-tunic or shirt; long belt; tights. Rental Item. $120.50 each.
w0160d crusaderw0160d crusader open cape #W0160D. Brown hooded cape with white cross on the left side; black long sleeved tunic with a large white cross on the chest; long rope cord tie; tights. Rental Item. $120.50 each.

Budget Knight

#W0095. Helmet; tunic or shirt; tabard; tights; boot tops. Rental Item. $64.50 each.

Chain Mail Knight

#W0150. Chain mail hood; long sleeved, chain mail tunic that ties up the back; suspenders; leg units or trousers. $99.50 each.

Armored Knight

See armor and chain mail pieces in the Accessories Section.