Sample Photos from Show Collection


These rental costumes have either been designed for specific characters or pulled from general stock for those characters. Some of these may be available in duplicate. We cannot guarantee that these specific costumes will fit your particular performers.

As time permits, more photographs may be added but in the meantime we cannot provide additional photographs.

These costumes are available only to legitimate theatrical organizations mounting a production of this show.

To request a Show Order Form for this show, click here.

Sir Bedevere I-7

Sir Bors II-10

Sir Dennis I-6

Sir Lancelot I-7

Sir Robin I-7

King Arthur I-3

Dancing Knights I-8

French Taunter I-11

Knight of Ni II-2

Lady of the Lake I-6

Lady of the Lake I-8

Lady of the Lake I-9

Lady of the Lake II-7

Lady of the Lake II-9

Lady of the Lake II-10

Laker Girl I-6

Lady of the Lake I-8

Castle Show Girl I-8

Chorus Girl II-11

Cocktail Maids I-8

Silly Scandinavian Men I-2

Silly Scandinavian Women I-2

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