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Late Victorian, Gay 90s
and Fin de Siècle Attire

(circa 1870-1901)

Photographs of rental items are representative of that item. An item may be available in various sizes and colors yet a particular color may not be available in all sizes. Please call for quantity and size availability.

As time permits, more photographs may be added but in the meantime we cannot provide additional photographs.

Prices shown are for a 2-night rental. See our Rental Policies and How To Rent pages for more information.

1890s Conservative Man

h2800 1890s conservative man #H2800. High hat or derby; somber suit coat; shirt; vest; ascot, bow or string tie; matching or coordinated trousers; suspenders. Rental Item. $84.50 each.

Sack Suit
(circa 1870-1920)

h2805 sack suit #H2805. Derby or skimmer; three-piece suit (coat having four to six buttons and small lapels, high vest and high waisted trousers); shirt; tie; suspenders. Rental Item. $84.50 each.

Norfolk Suit
(circa 1870-present)

h2810 norfolk suit #H2810. Hat; three-piece suit (Norfolk coat, vest and knickers and hose or trousers); shirt; tie; suspenders. Rental Item. $84.50 each.

Vest and Pants Set
(circa 1870-present)

h2815 vest & pants set #H2815. Cap or hat; matching vest and pants; shirt; tie; suspenders. Rental Item. $64.50 each.

Sherlock Holmes

Standard Sherlock Holmes

h2820a sherlock holmes standard #H2820A. Deer stalker (hat); white shirt; vest; bow tie; trousers; hound’s-tooth check or colored caped coat or black great coat. Rental Item. $120.50 each.

Budget Sherlock Holmes

h2820b sherlock holmes budget #H2820B. Deer stalker (hat); caped or great coat. Rental Item. $64.50 each.

1890s Huckster
(W C Fields / Traveling Salesman / City Slicker)

h2825 1890s huckster #H2825. Derby or skimmer; bright plaid, checkered or striped two- or three-piece suit; round or wing collared shirt; tie; suspenders. Rental Item. $84.50 each.

Striped Blazer Ensemble

Standard Striped Blazer
(Tennis or Sporting Attire)

h2830a striped blazer standard #H2830A. Skimmer or boater; shirt; bow tie; striped blazer; white or colored trousers. Rental Item. $64.50 each.

Budget Striped Blazer

h2830b striped blazer budget #H2830B. Striped blazer; bow tie. Provide your own white shirt and trousers. Rental Item. $42.50 each

1890s Woman Day Attire

h2840 1890s woman day #H2840. Ankle-length dress with full sleeves; coordinated or matching hat; petticoat; cameo; gloves; reticule. Rental Item. $94.50 each.

1890s Woman
(Mae West)

h2845 1890s woman #H2845. Elegant, trimmed gown; petticoat; coordinated hat; coordinated parasol; gloves; boa; choker or necklace. Rental Item. $120.50 each.

1890s Evening Gown

h2850 1890s woman evening #H2850. In satins or brocades. Headpiece; A-line gown or one- or two-piece gown with decorated bodice and short sleeves (some with train); petticoat; gloves; handbag; choker. Rental Item. $94.50 each.

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  • #C5228. Shoulder-length evening cape. Rental Item. $25.50 each.

1890s American Musical Comedy Day Attire

h2855 amererican musical comedy day attire #H2855. Two-piece print dress with lace trimmed long or short puffed sleeves; elastic waist skirt with ruffle hemmed 10-inches from floor; petticoat; hat or hair bow. Rental Item. $72.50 each.

1890s Girl Child

h2860 1890s girl child #H2860. Hair bow; dress. Optional sash. Rental Item. $54.50 each.

1890s Teenage Girl

h2865a 1890s teenage girl #H2865A. Hair bow; dress. Rental Item. $64.50 each.
h2865b 1890s teenage girl #H2865B. Hat; print capelet; matching calf-length jumper; blouse; cameo or bow at neck; petticoat. Rental Item. $84.50 each.

1890s Beach Hero

h2880m 1890s beach hero #H2880M. May actually be worn swimming. Brightly colored and striped rayon knit one- or two-piece man’s swim suit. Rental Item. $42.50 each.

1890s Bathing Beauty

h2880w 1890s bathing beauty #H2880W. Mob cap; solid colored and ruffled tunic bathing suit; sash; coordinated bloomers. Rental Item. $42.50 each.