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Pre-Historic Attire

Photographs of rental items are representative of that item. An item may be available in various sizes and colors yet a particular color may not be available in all sizes. Please call for quantity and size availability.

As time permits, more photographs may be added but in the meantime we cannot provide additional photographs.

Prices shown are for a 2-night rental. See our Rental Policies and How To Rent pages for more information.

Barbarian Man (Tarzan / Fred Flintstone / Cave Man)

h0100 barbarian man #H0100. Native beaded necklace; solid colored or animal print one-piece faux fur suit with diagonal slash across chest and ragged bottom edging; novelty cave man club. $52.50 each.

Barbarian Woman (Jane / Wilma Flintstone)

h0140 barbarian woman #H0140. Floral hair decoration or leather or faux fur animal print headband; beaded, shell or floral neckpiece; solid colored or animal print one- or two-piece faux fur suit; dance trunks. Optional arm bands. Rental Item. $52.50 each.

Also see The Flintstones.